Young Ambassador to France Popularizes Georgia via Vlogs

“Young Ambassadors of Georgia” is a programme of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia that allows young people living abroad, to become Young Ambassadors with a one-year mandate and to promote Georgia in the host countries.

The main objective of the programme is to expand Georgia’s network of young foreign friends and through cultural, educational and sports events to inform the youth locally and globally about the Georgian economy, education, culture, sports, youth policy and history of the country.

Diary of an Ambassador

On July 30, Tamta Tcharbadze has been selected as Jeune ambassadrice de Géorgie en France. However, as much as the COVID-19 pandemic is still raging, she intends to popularize the country via vlogging.

“My vlog’s aim is to share the events organized by the Young Ambassador of Georgia in France, which serves the popularization of the country in various ways,” – Charbadze said in her first vlog.

She travelled all the way from France to Georgia to show the viewers the country’s wine making region of Kakheti and share some local traditions which are part of the wine drinking and viticulture. In 2017 the world’s oldest wine was found in Georgia which counts 8 000 years and it has become Guinness’s World Record holder. The region of Kakheti is considered to be one of the world’s oldest wine-growing regions. Even France’s “Cité du Vin” of Bordeaux has named Georgia as the “cradle of wine” and showcased a traditional Georgian Qvevri in front of their building. Despite these facts and the recognition, many are still not aware about how and why the Georgian wines are so unique. Therefore, Ms. Charbadze has selected popularizing and promoting Georgian wine culture in France with her vlogs as a priority.

“I’ve managed to travel to Kakheti and share with you, several traditions of the region. Kakheti is one of  the largest regions of East Georgia and is known for its cultural monuments such as monasteries and castles etc. Moreover, Kakheti is an ancient center of viticulture and winemaking. I was lucky the Harvest 2021 has started earlier than expected. It has allowed me to attend this process myself,” – Jeune ambassadrice de Géorgie en France said in her second vlog “From Georgia with Wine”.

Georgia will Always be a European Country

Georgians are very sensitive about the Russian occupied territories inside their administrative borders. Almost no single conversation with a Georgian is carried without mentioning the problem and how they are affected as a society. Many could have a question “why such a young girl would be spending its time to talk about politics?” but what if the ongoing issue affects the lives of all the citizens of Georgia?.

The Young Ambassador of Georgia in front of the Russian Embassy in France, August 8, 2021 (Source: Facebook)

On August 8, 2021, the young Ambassador of Georgia, appeared in front of the Russian Embassy in France and amplified her voice against Russia’s illegal occupation of the internationally recognized Georgian territories.

“I held a protest rally in front of the Russian Embassy dedicated to August 8, 2008. I hoped other people would join also, but I found myself completely alone. Nevertheless, even if I had to fight against the cruelty in the form of illegal occupation and aggression by Russia, I would dedicate it my whole life,” – reads the statement published on the official Facebook page of Young Ambassador of Georgia in France.